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Our wedding DJ services go beyond playing songs; we’re storytellers through music. We carefully select tunes that echo the couple’s journey, capturing the essence of their first meeting to the joy of exchanging vows. It’s not just about creating a playlist; it’s about weaving a musical tapestry that celebrates their unique love story. With each beat, we aim to etch a memory, harmonizing the soundtrack to their special day. Our goal is to make every song a cherished chapter in their journey, turning the notes into timeless melodies that resonate with the commitment and joy of embarking on a lifetime together.

Our DJs

Jeremy 3


Meet the musical virtuoso, the Little Brown DJ (LBDJ), whose expertise in beats rivals a connoisseur’s knowledge of fine wine. Raised in the vibrant tapestry of Caribbean culture, LBDJ boasts an unparalleled understanding of diverse musical genres. Picture this maestro achieving his pinnacle at the House of Blues in Las Vegas, setting the stage ablaze with top 40 hits and EDM magic. From intimate gatherings to colossal venues, LBDJ’s sonic mastery transcends boundaries. As the heartbeat of Gogo Lounge in Edmonton and the pulse of professional drift car competitions, he has moved over a hundred thousand souls with his contagious passion, ensuring every dance floor is an unstoppable groove.

Stage Name: LBDJ
Name: Jeremy Ramessar
EDM, House, Top 40, Hip Hop, RnB, 80s, 90s, 2000s, Latin, Country, Calypso, Reggaeton
Mixing, Scratching, Mash-ups, Mic Interaction
Available for Weddings, Graduations, Private Events, Corporate Events, Club Events, Birthdays, Car Shows/Meets, Etc.


Charles 3


Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of YUU, a powerhouse in both community and career. From rocking multiple weddings, parties, and events to seamlessly transitioning from one gig to the next, YUU is the go-to maestro for an unstoppable musical journey. As the resident DJ at La Prosciutteria, he spins a kaleidoscope of genres, ensuring a sonic feast for every taste. YUU doesn’t just play music; he orchestrates dance battles, weaves magic on the mic, and captivates crowds with infectious energy and humor. Brace yourself for an exhilarating experience where YUU transforms every moment into a pulsating celebration of sound!

Stage Name: YUU
Name: Charles Yu
Pop, Hip Hop, Country, Rock, Old School Hip Hop, Alternative, EDM
Mixing, Crowd Work, Microphone Interactions
Available for Weddings, Corporate Events, Graduations, Festivals, Club Events.

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Nathan 3


Meet Tundra, the maestro of electrifying beats and sonic landscapes! With an unparalleled ability to blend genres seamlessly, Tundra transforms every event into a pulsating dance floor. His music is a journey, a thrilling odyssey through heart-pounding rhythms and exhilarating drops. The icy coolness of his stage presence is matched only by the scorching heat of the dance floor, creating an atmosphere where the audience is transported into a realm of pure musical ecstasy. Tundra is not just a performer; he’s a sonic sorcerer, enchanting crowds with a mix of charisma, creativity, and an infectious passion for the rhythm. Get ready to lose yourself in the magic of Tundra!

Stage Name: TUNDRA

Nathan Graham
EDM, Top 40, DNB, House, Trance, Country
Beat matching, live mashups
Available for Weddings, Corporate Events, Graduations, Festivals, Club Events.



Step into the electrifying world of Big B, where the beats are bold, and the energy is colossal! Commanding the decks with larger-than-life charisma, Big B is a sonic force to be reckoned with. His music is a dynamite fusion of high-energy anthems and heart-thumping bass, setting the stage ablaze with an unstoppable groove. Big B’s magnetic stage presence ignites the crowd, turning every venue into a pulsating dance haven. With an arsenal of tracks that transcend genres, Big B guarantees an adrenaline-fueled journey that leaves audiences breathless and begging for more. Brace yourself for a musical spectacle as Big B unleashes an audio adventure that’s nothing short of extraordinary!

Stage Name: BIG B

Name: Bryan Izquierdo

EDM, Techno, Hip-hop, Country, House, Top 40, Throwbacks, Salsa, Merengue, Reggaetón, Cumbia, Rock/Roll, Oldies
Master of Ceremonies, Mixing, Crowd Control
Available for Weddings, Corporate events, Birthdays, Graduations, Latin events, School Dances, Private Partys
Pooni 3


Meet Pooni, the dynamic DJ extraordinaire, whose vibrant energy and age-old club expertise guarantee an unforgettable experience. With a fusion of South Asian beats and cutting-edge Electronic music (Techno, EDM, House), Pooni crafts a spellbinding set that electrifies every event. His vast music library, cultivated through years of experience, ensures a diverse and captivating playlist for any crowd. Pooni’s interactive prowess, musical acumen, and advanced mixing techniques elevate crowd control to an art form, making every event a memorable masterpiece for clients. Brace yourself for an exhilarating sonic journey as Pooni transforms any occasion into a pulsating celebration!

Stage Name: POONI
Name: Amarjeet Pooni
Bhangra, Bollywood, Hip-Hop, Old-School Hip-Hop, R&B, Dancehall, Throwbacks, Top40s, 70s, 80s ,Dance ,Remixes, Techno, House, Deep House, Schranz, Minimal, Retro, German Dance.
Mixing, Blending, Interactive Mic Skills, Radio at Dj Laut.fm/Lost-Places.

Bollywood, Bhangra, Club’s, Cooperate events, Reception

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TJ 3


Experience blindBeatz, the high-energy maestro, sculpting sonic landscapes with cutting-edge mixing techniques. Through on-the-fly remixing with stem extraction tech, blindBeatz transforms each moment into an electrifying masterpiece. With a vast musical repertoire, he tailors sets to the crowd’s diversity, even crafting bespoke remixes for clients. His mic wizardry induces euphoria, amplifying room energy and leaving everyone craving an endless party. As the Resident DJ at The Universal Radio Network (TURN) and host of “Turning Up the Frequencies with TJ” (Fridays 08:00 pm to 09:00 pm), blindBeatz invites you to amplify your senses through the Spotify link—where the beat never stops!


Name: TJ Brar
Bhangra, Bollywood, EDM,House Music (Tech-House, Melbourne-House, Bigroom/Progressive house), DNB, Hip-Hop, Reggaeton, Country.
Live Mashups, Live remixing, Mixing, Ableton live incorporated performance, Music Production, Crowd Control, Great Interactive Skills.

Bollywood and Bhangra events. Weddings, Reception, Graduation, Corporate Events, Clubs, Festivals. 

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  • 2023 ThreeBestRated.ca Winner Top 3 DJ Company
  • 2023 Best in Edmonton Winner Top 6 DJ Company
  • 2022 ThreeBestRated.ca Winner Top 3 DJ Company
  • 2022 Best in Edmonton Winner Top 6 DJ Company
  • 2021  ThreeBestRated.ca Winner Top 3 DJ Company
  • 2020  ThreeBestRated.ca Winner Top 3 DJ Company
  • 2019  ThreeBestRated.ca Winner Top 3 DJ Company
  • 2018  ThreeBestRated.ca Winner Top 3 DJ Company
  • 2018  ThreeBestRated.ca Winner Award of Business Excellence
  • 2018  Telus StoryHive Award – Winner Music Category
  • 2018  Edmonton Event Awards Winner Outstanding New Product/Idea
  • 2017  ThreeBestRated.ca Winner Top 3 DJ Company
  • 2016  Weddingwire.com Winner Couples Choice Award
  • 2015  Weddingwire.com Winner Couples Choice Award



  • Juno Awards
  • International Wedding Awards


Divinity Productions group is a team of 30 DJs and audio and Video professionals. With offices in Edmonton and Vancouver, they provide services to over 450 events in Vancouver and the surrounding greater Vancouver regional district, Edmonton and surrounding metropolitan areas, Calgary, and the greater Toronto area.  


Sam Maisuria is Divinity Productions founder. 


He has over 30 years of expertise in many fields of production. He is a DJ, Music Producer, Lighting Technician, Sound Tech, Video Producer, Installations expert, Digital Marketer, and Management consultant.
He manages Divinity’s Alberta regional operations and the overall aspects of the business. 
He started his company on a “people first” policy. He believes that Divinity is built one family, one event at a time.


Divinity’s list of clients include Armani Exchange, Louis Vuitton, Tommy Hilfiger, Ms. Vancouver Pageant, Google Canada, Microsoft, Samsung Canada, Rogers Mobile, Belair/Intact Insurance, Canadian Department of National Defense, T&T Supermarket, Rogers Sugar, Stars Air Ambulance, Tim Horton’s, Canadian Tire, Nike, Steve Nash Health club, Air Canada, Sharks Club, Grey Nuns Hospital, plus many more.

Featured on

You can see Divinity’s DJ’s on many Netflix TV shows.  Divinity has been featured on shows including iZombie, Riverdale, The Mighty Ducks, and Super Girl. Their most recent movie was “Real Love” a Biopic about Mary J. Blige (Look for us in the dance battle scene).  

When Hollywood is done shooting a movie they usually have a party with the cast and crew. You can find Divinity at those events. Notable celebrities include Idris Elba, and Kate Winslet. 


Divinity believes in community development. Every year Divinity sponsor’s charity events to help raise money especially if it involves children and education. Divinity host’s their own free local special events several times a year to support the arts.

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