Unleash Your Style with Dancefloor Wraps

Creating a dance floor wrap for your wedding adds a special touch, making the space uniquely yours. It’s like decorating a canvas with your favorite colors and designs. 

The wrap sets the mood for dancing, drawing everyone’s attention to the fun awaiting them. Plus, it keeps the dance floor safe from scratches or spills. 

With your chosen colors and patterns, it becomes a symbol of your love story, making your wedding unforgettable. 

So, by adding this personalized touch, you’re not just making the dance floor look cool, you’re also making sure everyone has a blast celebrating your big day!


  • Consultation to understand your vision
  • Custom design creation based on your preferences and wedding theme
  • High-quality printing of the wrap
  • Professional installation
  • Removal post-event
  • Options for customization such as monograms, logos, or special patterns
Dance Floor Wraps
Memorable Wedding Reception
Elizabeth B
Elizabeth B
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."Wow! You were organized, punctual, had infectious energy. Thank you!"
Michaela V
Michaela V
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"Divinity kept us dancing all night, amazing vibes!"
Jane W
Jane W
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"Like magic! They understood us, had everyone dancing."
Katy L
Katy L
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"Felt like family - listened, delivered flawlessly."
Hanah C
Hanah C
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"Like magic! They understood us, had everyone dancing."


We provide White or Black Gloss wraps. Specialty colors like gold, silver, and more are available as well as a special order. Monogram or Initials can be any colour you choose. 

3 hours for installation, and 1 hour for removal.


The venue might have requirements for cleanup and removal after the event. This could include stipulations on the timing of removal and procedures for restoring the space to its original condition.

The price is based on the size of the dancefloor wrap and the size of the monogramed design.  Prices start at $1/square foot. The price includes graphic design, material cost, installation and removal after the event. 

Unleash Your Wedding’s Magic: Why You Should Have a Dance Floor Wrap


Planning your big day is super exciting, right? Every little detail adds to the magic, from the flowers to the cake. But have you thought about how to make your dance floor stand out? That’s where the dance floor wrap comes in – and it’s totally awesome!


Make It Your Own 

Your wedding is all about you and your special someone, right? Well, your dance floor should show that too! With a dance floor wrap, you can make it totally unique. Think about it – you could have your initials, a cool design, or even something that reminds you of your favorite place. It’s like making your own piece of art!


Turn Up the Wow Factor

Imagine walking into your venue and seeing your custom-designed dance floor. It’s like stepping into a fairytale! Your guests will be blown away by how awesome it looks. Plus, it ties everything together, making your whole wedding vibe even more amazing.


Keep It Safe and Stylish

Not only does a dance floor wrap look incredible, but it also keeps your dance floor protected. No need to worry about scratches or spills ruining the fun! You can dance all night without a care in the world.


A Memory to Cherish

After the party’s over, your dance floor wrap becomes a special keepsake. It’s a reminder of all the fun and love you shared with your family and friends on your big day. Pretty cool, right?


So, are you ready to add a splash of creativity to your wedding? Let’s chat about how we can make your dream dance floor a reality!